No place like home

Edinburgh-Sign-33169_200x200It’s been twenty years since I first visited Edinburgh, falling in love before we’d so much as walked the length of Princes Street on a family holiday, and nine years since I left. The four years of my English Lit degree passed in a gin- and lipgloss-fuelled blur and I left thinking that, whilst it was the city I’d grown up in, it wasn’t somewhere I could imagine growing old.

Now I’m 31, cringing at the fact that I ever thought anything past 25 was old, and gradually unpacking my things in a flat that has a view of the castle. We’d been seriously talking about leaving London for the past two years, considering Manchester and Yorkshire before realizing that everything we were looking for – the buzz of a city, a thriving cultural scene and stunning scenery – were all in the place where we first met. Like Dorothy said, if you can’t you’re your heart’s desire in your own back yard then you never lost it to begin with.

If I was going to trade one literary and theatre-filled city for another, where better than Edinburgh?

I’ll be filling this blog with a roundup of Edinburgh’s events, book groups, salons, launches, readings and interviews with people doing awesome bookish things in the city, as well as a comprehensive look at the gazillion independent bookshops that is in no way just an excuse to buy more books in the name of ‘research’.





I remember sitting


I left as a 22 year old with her heart set on academia and I’m coming back as a 31 year old journalist and author




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